March 3, 2022

Heres why you should stop shaving and start sugaring.

Ditch the stick, Switch to sugaring.

Yes, shaving can be a quick method of hair removal, but do you get the desired results? Do you wish for better, longer lasting results that leave you feeling smooth as hell? No stubbiness or feeling of hair prickling when you rub against the area you just shaved? Do you struggle with razor cuts or is your skin to sensitive for shaving cream? Or you just can’t stand the smell of shaving cream?  And lets not forget the ingrown hairs. They are so terrible. I exprieced a really bad one and i decied never again am i using that shaving stick.

 However you do not need to wory about that naymore, I just might have the answer to your problem – sugaring. Between the gentle technique used in sugaring and it’s all natural formula, sugaring is very much sensitive skin friendly. 

Ever since I tried sugaring, I can confidently say, I have never shaved again. That is how great the contrast it. It fulfilled my every expectations and blew me out of the water. Bye Bye shaving sticks.  Now if have you have never sugared before, you might be wondering what exactly is sugaring and why you should make the switch. Well I am here to answer your questions.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is much like its better known cousin, waxing, just way less painful. It was a mild discomfort at best/worst. It gets rid of hair by pulling it quickly from the roots. Of course waxing is done with wax, and sugaring is done with – you guessed it- sugar.

The typical paste for sugaring is made with water, sugar and lemon. All natural ingredients and none of the harsh chemicals from shaving cream making it perfect for sensitive skin. Trust me, it is perfect for sensitive skin. I cannot count how many times I have peeled my skin off while shaving, especially with shaving cream. Even those designed for “sensitive skin”.

Sugaring is very versatile. You can sugar anywhere. Your eyebrows, mustache, legs, arm, bikini area and even chest and back hair. I really don’t think I have seen anyone shave their eyebrow out home with a razor. Well except that one time my dumbass sister tried. Not a good look.

Also, sugaring is gentle enough that you can sugar the same area up to 3 or more times unlike with waxing and especially shaving where the constant rubbing/scrapping action of the blade can cause minor tears to the skin causing hyperpigmentation. 

And yes, one of the major reason you have dark underarms or private area, even chin (for men that shave constantly) is because of the way the blades rubs against your skin. I’d keep that in mind the next time I want to pick up a shaving stick.

People who have never sugared before seem to have the notion that it is very painful. This might be due to the notion that sugaring is similar to waxing. Pain is of course subjective. However, sugaring is much gentler than waxing even though they both remove hair from the root.  

In fact, many people find sugaring less uncomfortable and painful that waxing. This is most likely due to the fact that sugaring does not stick to skin like waxing would. The sugar paste would only attach itself to the hair and dead skin cells. On a scale of one to ten, I would rank the pain level of sugaring at a three. And this is coming from someone who is scared shitless of injections. 

Sugaring has the added benefits of exfoliation; removing dead skin cell. It is going to leave you feeling as smooth as possible. Exfoliation has numerous benefits for the skin. We would talk about that in another post. But sugaring would exfoliate your skin as it removes hair, leaving you feeling smooth.  And when i say smooth i mean as smooth as a new born baby`s behind. I PROMISE YOU, YOUR SHAVING STICK COULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS GIVE YOU THE SAME EFFECT.  Id upload my first time sugaring experience.

The cleanup is also super easy. There is no need to hop in the shower after sugaring. You can clean up with just a damp towel and water. Unlike with shaving and shaving cream. You definitely need to get in the shower. The bottom line; sugar wax is water soluble.

Sugaring gives you longer lasting results that you would not get from shaving. Up to 3 to 6 weeks before hair regrowth, depending on how fast your hair grows and how well you have sugared. I definitely enjoyed going hairless for weeks. With sugaring, you get the same longer lasting result as waxing but with less discomfort.
And with constant sugaring, you get finer hair with less frequent regrowth.

 Sugaring can be a good choice if you suffer from ingrown hair. When shaving, we go against the hair growth, and this can cause ingrown hair especially if its hair that is thick and curly like in the bikini area. Waxing too can cause ingrown hairs as it’s more likely to cause hair breakage unlike sugaring.

I can definitely not emphasize how much sugaring changed my life and hair removal process. You just have to try for yourselves. It will blow your mind as it did mine. 

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